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Price List


Meal Groups & Pricing:

Beige (Appetizers)  $8+

Green (Salads, Soups, Chilies & Stews) $9+

Bronze (Chik’n/ Falafel, etc.)  $14+

Silver (Beef-Style / Seafood-Style)  $16+

Gold (Duck-Style)   $18+

 Vegetarian meals come with a starch (rice, potato or  pasta) and two veggie selections.

Bread is available with meals for an additional charge.

All desserts are Vegan with some raw and even gluten-free selections. (Please consult your Menu Specialist for more details)

 You may construct any meal with as many courses as you desire. Price will increase accordingly. Discounts apply to multi-layer or course meals.


Party Trays:

Party Trays are single selection orders for larger groups of guests. These are helpful for serving guests at gatherings such as Super Bowl Parties or Baby Showers, etc. Prices are according to type of dish and number of guests so costs will vary. Please consult your Menu Specialist for your specific needs. Generally, Party Trays are used for four or more servings. Every item on the menu can be ordered as a Party Tray however, some selections are best suited as a Food Bar.


Food Bars:

Food Bars are organized to allow your guests to construct their own version of the dish. We lay out ingredient options from which your guests are allowed to choose which ones they want included in their plate. This is common for dishes such as Tacos, Salads, Desserts and more. This makes the food a more social  activity as part of the affair and adds the power of customization for the guests. Since this option is totally created to suit the party host’s needs, the prices vary according to the level of desire.


Delicious Dairy Free & Eggless Cakes

Full Sheet Cakes       $125.00

½ Sheet Cakes            $80.00       
¼ Sheet Cakes            $45.00

10” Round Cakes      $35.00    

4” Heart Shaped Cake $5.00

Flavors: Chocolate, Chocolate Fudge, Sour Cream, Strawberry (seasonal), German Chocolate, Red Velvet, Lemon, Spice, Vanilla, Angel Food.

All of our cakes are made without eggs or dairy of any kind.

To order: call or email today (562)256-5077 or

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